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Whatever's Left Of The Hoodoo Carries On: Colgate vs. Syracuse In Dome

On January 15th, 1902, Syracuse University dropped Colgate 33-8 on their first-ever meeting.  A month later the two teams mets again, this time Colgate won 21-17.  The rival was born.  Of course, it's not quite the even rivalry it once was (Syracuse leads the series 117-45 and has won 44 consecutive times), but it's nice to see the Raiders in the building as a reminder of it.  And an easy win.

SU welcomes Colgate into the Dome on Saturday, December 11th, a nice reprieve after the Michigan State game.  Colgate is coming off a 10-19 season and lost to SU 92-58 last December.  In that game, this happened:

More of that, please.