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Syracuse Football Helmets: Ugly?

Take a look at those helmets over there. At first glance, is your instinct to say "ugly?" Slightly boring, perhaps. Mundane, likely. Just so-so, I would think.  But "ugly?"  That seems a bit much, don't you think?

Don't tell that to Tom Dienhart and Mike Hugenin of Rivals, they both voted Syracuse's Block S helmet as the ugliest in the conference. With only five voters and SU bring the only school to get multiple votes, that makes us the "winner."

Dienhart must have made the vote when he wasn't busy making insightful and engaging commentary on Twitter.

Seriously, Syracuse's helmet is uglier than this?  A weird bearpaw/C hybrid with the line underneath it so you know it's rightside up like it's the 6 or 9 in an Uno deck.  It's asinine.

And how are any uglier than UConn?  It's the exact same thing except a different letter and color.

Dienhart and Hugenin both think USF's helmet is the best-looking one.  Why, because it's white?  Racists.

What about Louisville's?  It's a bird with teeth.  #FAIL

Make fun of our football team all you like.  I draw the line at mocking our reasonably-mediocre helmet design.  GOOD DAY, SIRS.

H/T: Orange Fizz