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Delone Carter Returns, Sorry Akron

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When I saw Dave Rahme was reporting that the "threat of lightning" was going to have an effect on Syracuse Football practice, I just assumed that was Delone Carter's new nickname.  It's not, but if we're all in agreement I'm fine with instituting that.

Regardless, Delone Carter and his ginormous arm muscles are back.  And as far as I can tell, Mr. Carter is in peak condition and already re-assuming his place as top dog on the RB depth chart.

Carter, whose reinstatement to SU was announced Monday at the team's media day, was dressed in practice shorts and jersey, like his teammates. He took part in calisthenics but didn't participate right away when the team broke into position groups for drills. Later, though, when the team was running plays he was with the first-string offense.

Well, co-top dog, I guess. HCDM is doing what HCDM does, saying Carter doesn't have a spot on the depth chart yet, but I think we can all be boys and girls here and say he'll be right back where he left off in no time.

It's a double-whammy for the city of Akron.  Not only did Delone leave his hometown to return to Syracuse but the next time he returns, it will be to completely decimate their football team.  Not a great couple weeks for Akron.

Carter actually rushed back to campus today after sending the good news of his return yesterday.  After practice, he spoke with reporters.  As for where he is physically, he says he's an 8 out of 10 at the moment. He seems extremely regretful over the whole incident, as you might imagine.  He even says that he wasn't sure if he'd ever get the chance to play for SU again.

Interestingly, he also dismissed the rumor that circulated last season that he was considering leaving early for the NFL.  Carter called it an "internet rumor," which makes this awkward considering it was Doug Marrone who was the one telling people about it.