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Syracuse Media Day: Real Talk

If there's one inevitable truth to media days, it's that a lot of questions will be asked.

Actually, let me revise.  A lot of the SAME questions will be asked.  And quite frankly, it gets as boring for us fans and it must be for the players who have to answer them.

How do you feel about the team going into the new season? YAWN.

Are you excited about the upcoming season? What do you want them to say, no?

What do you need to do to make this season successful?  BOOOORING.

Thankfully, one group of individuals rose above the fray and got to the heart of the matter.  Katie Kramer and Trish LaMonte from were armed with a camera and the questions Syracuse fans REALLY want asked of their players.  The results are sublimely wonderful.

For instance, take DE Anthony Perkins, who explains his game-day ritual, who the best dance on the SU football team is and then breaks out into song.

DE Torrey Ball gets grilled by fellow D-lineman Chandler Jones about his favorite foods and extra-curricular activities.

Chandler Jones talks about the usual stuff before getting into his summer, the team's best singer (not Anthony Perkins), his favorite video game and utters the phrase "we play with ourselves a lot."  Then, in the piece de resistance, Chandler addresses The Chipotle Curse.

I hpe you're right, Chandler.  I hope to God you're right.