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Scenes From The New & Improved Manley Field House

I know they're still working on refurbishing Manley Field House and turning it into Manley Field House 2.0 but somehow, someone has glimpsed into the future and seen what the halls of the new building will look like.

You have to wonder, are the images on this page sketches or are they windows into a world we don't yet know?  If we are looking into the future, I have some thoughts on what we see ahead. 


Guys, if we're going to all the trouble of making this place as Syracuse as humanly possible for interviews, can we at least tell the guy from East Carolina to wait outside?


Darryl, I understand you're in uniform but, again, I can't let you play with the team.  The ShockWave are looking for players, why don't you try them?


Coach, we have a very specific "pants-only" policy here in New Manley Field House.  As you can see from the many businessmen who hang out here all day discussing management techniques, we're very firm about this.


Can somebody get that Jehovah's Witness out of here?  Disperse, Orange men, disperse!


"Rudy, we appreciate that you show up here every day but I have to remind you yet again that you can't play for us.  Number one, you've run out of eligibility.  Number two, you're fifty-eight years old.  I'm sorry.  Can we please have our helmet cover back?"


God dammit, Mikhail, STOP MOVING!  We're trying to take a picture!  What are you, high???