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Until This Field House Is Fully Operational, We Are Vulnerable

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The Scarlet Alliance is too well equipped, they're more dangerous than you realize...

No matter, construction on Manley Field House/Deathstar has moved into Phase II.  Gone are the bleachers and wood panels that once made up one of the oppressive home-court advantages in college basketball.  Now it's time to remove...the other stuff.  I suppose that's fine as long as no one touches the legendary bank of conduits that sit atop the Field House.  Syracuse fans hold that bank of conduits dear and would be lost if they were any further away from us.

"There’s a whole bank of conduits that are hung from the existing support structure that need to be re-hung at a higher level," said senior associate director of athletics Pete Sala. "In order to do that, there is concrete deck on top of the structure that has been cut. The electricians are here now reattaching the conduit in order for us to pull the section of steel out."

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Manley Field House has truly died on this day.

Still, I suppose there is good news ahead.  The best news of all is that once completed, Manley will be able to house it's very own Arena Football team.

"There will be an 80- to 90-yard field football field, which will be wide enough for lacrosse, with a three-lane running track around the entire perimeter," Sala said. "This is an actually a 100-yard circle. The balcony is going to stay. We’re going to relocate some of the heating units within the balcony area to give the actual arena as much space as we can."

I say we stay one step ahead if we're going to turn Manley into the home of Arena Football champions.  It starts with coming up with a catchy name.  Something with gusto.  Something that says "Look out world, we're here to win and sell t-shirts!"  Given that the most inspired, creative and forever-makes-me-think-of-the-90's name is already taken (Crunch, obviously), we'll have to go with the next best thing.  The Syracuse Pizazz.  Triple Z's = Triple revenue, baby.  PRINT IT!