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From A Recruiting Standpoint, Doug Marrone Is Tremendous

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When you interview Doug Marrone, you can't help but get infected by his mannerisms and way of speaking.  So I don't blame Jamie Newberg for dropping one of Marrone's patented phrases into his piece on how Doug is turning Syracuse around through recruiting.

From a purely recruiting standpoint, Marrone wanted to take a grass roots approach. First, he wanted to take back the state of New York. Second, he wanted to penetrate all the old, fertile recruiting grounds that made Syracuse successful in the past.

"I went back and looked at where the players were from when Syracuse had all those successful years," said Marrone. "Where were we getting all of those athletes? So I looked at a lot of demographics and wanted to see if those areas were still producing. They were, but we were not getting any [recruits]."

Marrone talks about how the Orange getting not only back to dominating New York state but also reaching out to Florida, California, Virginia and just about anywhere else.  Folks like Greg Adkins are making it happen, which is why the 2010 class had three Cali signees.

We obviously know about the 2010 class but what about the 2011 class that's just beginning to take shape?  We've seen a lot of New York kids in there but Marrone is only beginning to set the tone for next year.

This will be Marrone's third recruiting class and he is looking to sign 22-to-24 prospects in February. The Orange will be focusing a little more on the defense with this haul, hunting for the right defensive linemen and defensive backs. Syracuse also has a need on the offensive front and it would also like to land a big running back and a playmaking wide receiver.

"I have 40 [scholarships] for offense and 40 for defense. I use one for a kicker, punter and a snapper," said Marrone. "That leaves me two wild cards. I save those for players who can change a game."

Check out the rest of the piece here and fall in love with Doug Marrone all over again.