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Syracuse Football Has It's "Shut It Down"

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Found this song entitled, "Get Crunk Football Song" and after giving it a full listen, it's very clearly performed by someone either on the SU team or close to it. 

This of course confirms what we all knew to true already.  Chapter 9, Bylaw 6 of the College Athletics Code (CAC) states that "all athletic programs competing in the NCAA must have a hip-hop theme song that explains how the program is badder and better than all other athletic programs."

You're on the clock, SU Lacrosse.  I expect to hear "Rope Rippin' (Holla!)" by November.

So who is the mystery rapper?  My initial thought was Charley Loeb.  RGLCL is a man of many talents but then it occurred to me that The RGL is a jazz fusion guy.

#Shamarko?  If it were, it would be No. 1 on the charts already.  Including the Country and Easy Listening ones.

If you know who's behind this masterpiece, spill the beans.  Otherwise, take a guess.  Lyrics after the jump (at least as best I could decipher). "Cause we THE S, the gridiron is our home, welcome to The Dome."

We done sweated all the sweat, cried all the tears,

Something-something get, get ready ya'll we here.

From spring, winter fall...survive through it all,

The post already paid, so now it's time to ball.

So get up on your feet, our mission is complete,

Opponents give it up cause we're the biggest in the East.

We work to be the best, salute what's on the chest.

You think that we were stressed?  Then take a second guess.

Cause we THE S, the gridiron is our home, welcome to The Dome.

You see S, we running home.

Something-something-something we comin' like a storm.

There ain't no point in living, man, if you ain't bleeding Orange.

So predators be warned, it's the start of a new era.

Something-something-something so if you want, then I dare ya.

We out there on a mission, we back there on the Mount.

We walk a gangs-something-something, we here to close the gap.

Man it's over with the games, now it's time for a change.

We've seen some good flashes now it's time to see some plays.

Step up to the field, we'll put you to the shame.

It's over with the losing, man, it's time to win some games.

(Chorus 2x)

Salute, step back, and recognize the truth.

A unit full of monsters not to mention our recruits.

We step up to the goalline, strap up, it's score-time.

Will up on the defense from the safeties to the D-line.

We gon' shine, we want it, opponents give it up.

We grindin' in the summer, man, Big Hicks he got us tough.

Our DBs gonna pick it if you throw it up for grabs.

And our QBs throwin' bombs like his jersey says McNabb.

We ther, but listen, I'm about to make this roll call.

Throw your hands up, man I'm showing love to all ya'll.

K-Scott, Big Twon, something-something Art Jones.

DC-something-something-something-something-something  Mike Holmes

Show me my opponent, I will show them they don't want it.

Any situation we just relishing the moment.

We put in all the work, we headin' for the Dome.

A bunch of hungry soldiers with our captain Coach Marrone.

We work hard, play hard, every single week spent

Focus, preparation with our offense and our defense.

We want it, yo, we want it, we headin' for the top charts.

Something-something at the way we steppin, we leavin' cleatmarks.

Yeah, Rob Moore, we step up to the line.

Receivers, when they jump, you coulda swore you saw LeBron.

Cause Cuse will be the answer, so you don't want no problems.

Every team a goon but what's a goon to a goblin?


Told ya'll we back, let the past be the past.

We just focusin' on the present right now.

This our year, this our season.