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So Begins The Doug Marrone Tour Of Victory

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Doug Marrone's vigilante tour across this great nation to bring freedom, excellence and tremendousness to the unwashed masses has become a little bit like the Solstice.  You're not quite sure of the exact dates and times, but you know it takes place in the late spring/early summer and thighs are out.

Last year's Whistlestop Tour was a grand success.  Hands were shaked, babies were kissed, people were meeted and/or greeted and the call went out far and wide that the new era of Syracuse football was here.

This year, HCDM seems to wisely be taking a more viral approach to his outreach.  No big meet-ups scheduled yet...for now it's about the random appearance and the surprise arrival to entice and engage the Orange fanbase.

For instance, take Doug's impromptu appearance at a Yankee game over the weekend.  It might not look like Doug was doing much but here's so much you can tell from just one photo.  Number one, the thighs are out and they're in season.  Number two, Doug is sending a clear message with that hand-wave that Utz Potato Chips have no place alongside Syracuse football.  Sorry, Utz, you'll just have to settle for your Yankees crumbs.

You can bet Doug had his share of chips, pretzels and nachos at the game.  So what's with all the carbo-loading?  The Thighs (Mac & Schwartzwalder) are going into action once more as part of the 33rd Annual Utica Boilermaker 15k on July 11th.  Unless that is, there's another Doug (age 45-49) and Helen Marrone from Syracuse that we don't know about... If you're in the Utica area you should either be running in this or cheering Doug on from various locations throughout the day.

Of course, this whirlwind publicly tour isn't just to promote the program.  It's also about a little self-promotion as well.  I mean, is officially up and running and all.


It's all fancified and such and there's lots to explore.  Don't let me keep you, other than to say you really should check out the Staff page.  Some fantastic photo ops there.  Also, check out Doug's FDR-esque New Deal for some insight into his philosophy.

Make sure you search out the photos as well.  Look for the one of Doug's presser in which Donnie Webb is wearing the best shirt you've ever seen.  And the one of Paulus standing behind Marrone in some kind of metaphorical look at their relationship.  And the one from when we was with the Jets in which he looks 65 years old, proving that associating yourself with the Jets is hazardous to your health.  And finally the family portrait, which shows, and excuse me if I'm out of line, but perhaps Juli Boeheim has some competition...

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