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Daily Links - How Floyd Met Ernie

Floyd Little: Looking back at a big Broncos career - The Denver Post
The way I first met Ernie was different than in the movie "The Express." I'll tell you what really happened. I had just left West Point where I met Gen. Douglas MacArthur where I had done some workouts and physical tests and I broke all the records of Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard. I thought I was going to Army. Anyway, I was back home (In New Haven, Conn.) with my mom and sisters and brother. There was a knock on the door and there in the doorway stood Ernie Davis and Ben Schwartzwalder, Syracuse's head coach. They said they were there to see Floyd Little.

With Apologies To Randy Edsall, The Big East Remains Mostly Harmless -
UConn head coach Randy Edsall's claim that the Big East is "as strong as any conference in the country" defies even the basest logic. But you knew that.

In which I passive-aggressively defend Big East football - The UConn Blog
I don't really want to defend Big East football, because it is what it is: an anachronistic, basketball-dominant league that is lodged firmly in the second tier of college football (if the first tier is to be understood as the Big 12, SEC and Big 10). But I must, because the league is not nearly as bad as Anderson (or at least the facts that she uses) indicates.

Jardine, Triche figure out new roles - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
The move makes sense. Jardine is more of a natural point guard, and it's not hard to picture Triche running off screens and hitting open shots at a high rate. Even if both players were identical, sometimes you have to throw positional rigidity out the window. Sometimes you need to put your best two players in your backcourt, even if some of their skills overlap. There's nothing wrong with a doubling down on combo guards. They're combo guards for a reason.

Ten Orange Things That Are Not as Orange as the ‘Jersey Shore’ Season Premiere - ArtsBeat Blog -
7. A scrimmage between the Syracuse Orangemen and the Netherlands national football team that is overrun by tigers.

Syracuse Orange-2010 College Football Preview-Big East - The Sports Chat Place
There is no doubt that Doug Marrone is a good fit for this team, but he begins just his second year at the helm and this team was in shambles after the Robinson regime. The bottom line is that improvement will come slow and needs more time. If Syracuse can escape the basement in 2010, the season would be a success.

Ask the Army: Should Euclid 419er Road Trip to Syracuse @ Akron? | Otto's Army
Do I make the six-and-a-half hour trip to Middle America to watch what cable and network television has dismissed to the wasteland of the Internet? Or do I enjoy a leisurely, yet lonely, Labor Day weekend studying up for my Fantasy Drafts and hoping ESPN3 is as easy to find as cats playing piano?

Gather 'round, one and all, it's Mailbag Time . . . and there's just enough here for everybody to read |
When Gross came to Syracuse University he promised to make us the USC of the East. Moreover, he continuously bragged about the Trojans’ president, athletic director and head football coach. None is now with the school because of the disgrace of all those NCAA rules violations. Since he was there for some of those years of disgrace, how does Gross get a clean bill of health? As for his performance at SU, Gross hired a do-nothing football coach, Greg Robinson, who was a bomb and is still being paid the back end of his inflated contract.

DePaul Blue Demons basketball still in running to land top recruit Anthony Davis - ESPN Chicago
Davis previously announced he had cut his final list down to Kentucky, Ohio State and Syracuse. Recently, though, DePaul came into the picture.

Husky Football Blog | Rating the receivers | Seattle Times Newspaper
Consider for UW that all three starters from last year return as well as D'Andre Goodwin, who caught 60 passes in 2008 before struggling through injuries last season.

Apparently they forgot to give Syracuse players the ability to tackle in NCAA '11: