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Boeheim, Marrone Hit The Links, Raise Some Money, Miss Some Putts

Syracuse fans' version of the Double Rainbow via <a href="" target="new"></a>
Syracuse fans' version of the Double Rainbow via

The 3rd Annual Jim Boeheim Golf Classic is in the books.  Fun was had.  Golf was played.  Putts were missed.  Check it out for your self via these videos.

CNYCentral talks to Jim Boeheim.

CNYCentral talks to Doug Marrone.

WKTV talks to Jim Boeheim.

YNN talks to Doug Marrone.

Notable news and nuggets o'interest?

  • "We think our freshman, our big guys are going to have good years but our nucleus is the returning veteran guys. We think we’ve got a good group and should have a good basketball team." - Jim Boeheim
  • "I think our big guys, not only Fab but Baye Moussa Keita and DaShonte Riley, I think we have three really good big guys.  Bigger than we've had in a while. We're a lot bigger inside.  So we think our freshman and our big men are gonna have a good year." - Jim Boeheim, bullish on his big men.
  • "It's more of an excitement, for who we are as a program. We have a few things in place, and have done a lot to build the foundation, so I don't think we look at it as a grind, it's more of a sense to see where all the hard work paid has off this offseason." - Doug Marrone on the impending preseason camp.
  • The tournament itself raised $75,000 for the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation.
  • Gerry McNamara is a 7 handicap.  Now you know.