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SEC/Big East Invitational Just About Done Inviting People

Last year, Syracuse took on Florida in the SEC/Big East Invitational in Tampa.  This was the only time Syracuse has competed in the invitational.  That's a good place to start in trying to figure out why the four-year event will almost certainly end this season.

Multiple sources told FanHouse the future of the Big East-SEC Invitational is bleak because the conferences are not committed to making it work and they don't feel like they gain much by making it a priority.

This year's Big East-SEC Invitational contests are Arkansas vs. Seton Hall and Kentucky vs. Notre Dame at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Ky., on Dec. 8; and Auburn vs. Rutgers and Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh at CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh on Dec. 11.

Because the event has only featured four games each year, it's severely limited the amount of times the marquee programs have played in it.  Good for Rutgers and all but for something like this to work, Syracuse, Villanova, Georgetown and UConn need to be involved on a consistent basis.  Not to mention Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida.  If they were smart, they would made it a much bigger pool each season.  It would have ensured that more name schools are involved consistently and that fans would take more notice.

Besides, we never should have stopped playing the Big East/ACC Challenge, but that's another story altogether.