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Once And For All We Will Know The Greatest Golfer In Syracuse History

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The third annual Jim Boeheim Golf Classic tees off tomorrow at Shenendoah Golf Club at Turning Stone.  If it's like every other Jim Boeheim event, it's going to be INSAAAAANE.

The event includes a two man Best Ball competition and other skills events such as trying to land a golf ball on a Syracuse University Orange blanket 250 yards away from the tee box. Also, golfers will attempt to smash a golf shot through a SU logo set 50 yards away.

Go find a hook.  Do you see this event on that hook?  No?  Do you know why not?  Cause it's off of it.  The hook, that is.

It's a veritable who's who of Syracuse notables that currently work for the University, including Jimmy B, DOCTOR Daryl Gross, Chris Gedney and Gerry McNamara.  Roosevelt Bouie was initially on the invite list but doesn't seem to be on recent announcements. No matter, he's been replaced by "Sports marketing students from Syracuse University and students from other colleges to assist the foursomes (26 students total)."  Same thing, really.

The event kicks off at noon with interviews and then the golfing begins at 1pm.  Please, DOC Gross, cellphones OFF.

It's too late to sign up for the event but don't worry, you probably couldn't have afforded to attend anyway

The event is sponsored by Metro Mattress, which is nice since it gives me the opportunity to show this: