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The Syracuse Football Roster Does What It Does

Some more folks left SU football. What else is new?

Though to be fair, it's not the shocking news we're used to.  Three guys have left the team recently.  OL Josh White, special teamer Lonnie Johnson and WR Ollie Taylor are all off to do other things.  We already knew about Ollie and I'm not sure if most of us even know who Lonnie was.

White is the only semi-significant loss.  A starter last season, the left tackle found himself pushed down the depth chart this year with the arrival of junior college transfer Michael Hay.  We can guess he wasn't happy about that but whatever the reason, fare thee well Josh.

That loss means the offensive line is just that much thinner (no pun intended).  Each position is two-deep at the moment and SU has three newbies coming in the fall.  It's enough to get by but not ideal.

I suppose that's something you could say that about the roster numbers in general

Right now, it looks like the Orange will have about 87 or so when practice starts Aug. 9. About a dozen of those will be walk-ons.

Marrone wants to raise SU's number of scholarship players back to the NCAA legal limit of 85, but he says the Orange won't get to that level until 2011.

Those freshman and JC folks can't get here fast enough.