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Syracuse Football Will Out-Eat Every Other Team At The Big East Clambake, Guaranteed

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In the annals of Syracuse football history, there are many storied records. Players like Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Walter Reyes, Donovan McNabb, Don McPherson, Joe Morris, Marvin Harrison and Art Monk line the walls of our stadiums and athletic centers with their accomplishments.

However, the great one of all will not be found adorning the walls inside the Carrier Dome. There is no plaque to honor it at Manley Field House. They will not make room for it at the Melo Center.

I'm talking about Ryan Durand, former Syracuse center and the one athlete who did something far greater than any of those names up above. He Who Ate Seven Lobsters At Big East Media Day.

"Offensive guard Ryan Durand downed seven lobsters at the Big East clam bake Monday night. That broke some type of team record held previously by James Wyche."

Durand's accomplishments are legend. And his legacy still looms large over those who have attempted the feat after him.

That was 2008. In 2009, Syracuse came into Big East Media day a little cocky. A little too sure of themselves. Doug Marrone, Art Jones and Mike Owen went to Big East Media Day under the loftiest of expectations. And they fell flat on their faces.

I had dinner at the clam bake with Marrone. He ate one lobster. I'm not sure where he found time to eat that one because he was talking so much. Syracuse players Arthur Jones and Mike Owen said they weren't about to approach the Ryan Durand unofficial team record of seven lobsters.

And so, the 2010 Big East Football Media Day approaches. With it. come the mighty expectations of the Big East Clambake and the lobsters that await devouring therein. This time, Syracuse isnt taking any chances. If they can't top Durand's seven individually, they're going the bulk route.

The Big East's annual football media day will be held on August 3 in Newport, Rhode Island. Syracuse University football coach Doug Marrone will be in attendance along with five seniors - center Ryan Bartholomew, linebackers Derrell Smith and Doug Hogue, defensive back Mike Holmes and punter Rob Long.

Let's take a look at the stats...

Ryan Bartholomew - 298 pounds

Derrell Smith - 232 pounds

Doug Hogue - 226 pounds

Mike Holmes - 182 pounds

Rob Long - 190 pounds

Marrone's done a savvy job here building a well-balanced, lobster-munching machine. You've got the speedsters in Holmes and Long. They'll be able hit the lobster pit quickly, throw down one or two and then make way for the big boys. Smith and Hogue are all about tenacity so you can expect to see some solid shell-cracking. No time-wasting here as they struggle to get that delicate tail-meat. Finally, the anchor. Barty Crouch can throw down at least five on his own and I wouldn't be shocked to hear he was able to match Durand on his own.

All of this doesn't even include Marrone, who is on record as having eaten 42 pancakes in one sitting. The man knows how to eat. He burned a ton of calories in that 5K, time to cash in...