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Daily Links - Keith Bulluck Returns To New York

Keith Bulluck, My Thoughts On His Signing With The Giants - Big Blue View
This move, though, gives the Giants a chance to get get more than that from the middle linebacker position, more than just a guy who -- hopefully -- will make the plays a middle linebacker has to make when the ball comes through the middle. This move also tells you that the Giants are placing a great deal of importance on the 2010 season. They are not sitting around and 'hoping' for better middle linebacker play, hoping a leader steps forward and hoping they can better last season's 8-8 mark. They are trying to win big right now. – Anthony Davis Rules Out North Carolina
"It looks like North Carolina is not going to be in the recruiting process with us," Anthony Davis Sr. said Friday by phone from the Hoop City Classic in Kansas City. He is still considering three schools — Kentucky, Syracuse and Ohio State. "They’re all equal," Anthony Sr. said.

ENTER A MAN. EVEN AT 60, in pajamas, his body's hard and ready, a fist. He lies down on his bed, and soon he's in it again, the dream in which the football's in his right arm and the enemy's coming at him. He can never make out uniforms or colors, so he can never be sure if they're Chiefs, and he's about to bounce outside and beat two of them around the corner, then hurdle the third and outsprint the rest, the way he did on that 50-yard screen pass against them 30 years ago ...

It's time to track down Billy Edelin - Searching for Billy Edelin
I've been blogging atomically for 18 months now. After starting it up with a friend on Wordpress for nothing more than shits and giggles, we have been able to build a decent following of readers, hook up with the awesome and ever-growing SB Nation, and interact with like-minded bloggers and writers. But none of this has yielded even a peep from the man we built this enterprise on...The Billy Edelin.

Huggins falls, breaks 4 ribs - The Smoking Musket
West Virginia coach Bob Huggins was hospitalized with four broken ribs Friday after an accidental fall at a hotel in Las Vegas during a recruiting trip.

Syracuse University Athletics - Syracuse Adds Elite Coach to All-Star Staff
Six-time NCAA Champion and U.S. Junior National Team coach, Justin Moore has been named the Syracuse University head women's rowing coach, Director of Athletics, Dr. Daryl Gross, announced today.

"Chillen with Mookie Jones on South Campus" delivers on what it promises.