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Jeremiah Masoli: Should Syracuse Pursue Him?

No one has intimated this is any's merely hypothetical...and I know it's kinda late to think we could make such sweeping changes...and he's had more "misunderstandings" than five Mike Williams...and Doug Marrone might have a coronary if he came here and did anything as dumb as what he did at Oregon...and Ryan Nassib might spontaneously combust if we bring in another one-year quarterback to replace him...

But is it worth for Syracuse to take a look at Jeremiah Masoli? From, as Doug would say, a quarterbacking standpoint?

Masoli is a bizarro Greg Paulus. Since he has finished his undergrad studies and would enroll at his next school as a grad student, he would be able to play this season thanks to the same loophole that allowed Paulus to play for Cuse last year. So, the troubled, former Duck has been putting out feelers to see who's interested.

Ole Miss? Not so much. Masoli just officially got the "no thank you" from them. But as Stewart Mandel says, eventually someone is going to say yes. And when they do, they get a guy who threw for 2,147 yards, 15 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in 2009. They also get a guy with two years of D-1 starting experience under his belt and almost 4,000 passing yards and 28 touchdowns over that time. He also finished his Oregon career as the school's all-time rushing leader among quarterbacks (1,386 yards).

Of course, they also get a guy who, despite being a star player, was originally suspended for the entire 2010 season after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor burglary charge. While on suspension and needing to remain a straight arrow, Masoli was found in his car with marijuana and driving with a suspended license. He was promptly kicked off the team.

His situation might resemble Greg Paulus but his troubles make him resemble Eric Devendorf. Is Doug Marrone, the guy who has kicked players off the team for missing meetings, ready to take a waiver on someone like Masoli? I just can't believe he would. Even if he was brought in on the shortest of leashes, Masoli has already shown his inability to take that kind of threat seriously.

Still...talent is talent. All due respect to Ryan Nassib and RGL Charley Loeb but no one is putting them in the 2010 Heisman race, one that Masoli almost certainly would have been in had he kept it together.

Almost certainly, this is merely a hypothetical. But hey, so was the idea of bringing in Greg Paulus for one season before we actually did it.

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