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Jim Boeheim Was Born To Do TV Commercials

You have to sort through some fancy lawyers, ads for a must-have cassette player and some lady who couldn't put her tea down for a second to do a commercial, but eventually you get to the promised land (1:48). Jimmy B and Rony Seikaly in all their 80's glory.

What do I love most?

1. The creepy way Jim rubs the basketball at the beginning.  Is he re-positioning it because he's not happy with the hold they have on it?  Is he rubbing it for luck?  Is he giving it a cup check?

2. Watch it again but watch Rony and the random guy as they silently stare into your soul while Jim begins his schpiel.  It's terrifying.

3. The uncomfortable knowledge that a guy who once resembled Poindexter is now married to Juli Boeheim.

4. Yep, that's a thirteen-second hold on Jimmy's mug at the end of the commercial.  Clearly these people knew how to entice it's audience.

Update: Rawred44 comes correct on the identity of the mystery basketball holder:  "C'mon guys. That’s Greg Monroe – #15 in your programs. He only started on the 87 team that went to the final game. Sheeeeesh!"  Fair enough.