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You Can Call Him Mr. Blackwell

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I once asked Where Have You Gone, Ryan Blackwell and the answer was: Japan. The last transfer to make an impact at Syracuse until some guy named Wes Johnson came along has spent the bulk of his pro career in the land of the rising sun.  Apparently he loves it so much he's going to stick around even longer.  Now, as a head coach.

While attending Syracuse University, Ryan Blackwell played for one of NCAA basketball's most successful coaches, Jim Boeheim.

Now, sources say the veteran forward is poised to become the second coach in Osaka Evessa history.

It's possible Blackwell will be a player-coach, a throwback to an early era.

He might as well keep playing.  Even at 34, he's still averaging 12 PPG in 48 games and is among the BJ League's (teeheehee) top bigmen.  The Sendai 89ers, whom Blackwell played for before Osaka, must be kicking themselves.  Silly 89ers.

Add the Osaka Evessa jersey to the list of foreign jerseys you need to buy ASAP along with the Wellington Saints, Melbourne Tigers and Sheffield Sharks.

(BTW, glad to see Ryan's jersey designates him as a Human.  They're very specific, the Japanese.  Very specific.)