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Coach Mac's Hall Of Fame Enshrinement Process Will Never End

The College Football Hall of Fame enshrinement process apparently takes about nine years once you've been inducted.  At least it feels that way.  Coach Mac was inducted into the Hall way back in December.  This past weekend, in July, MacPherson was among those honored at the Enshrinement Festival in South Bend, which I suppose is Part 29 of the 86-part process. Next up, all of the honorees will be launched into space so that they can take a congratulatory lap around Uranus.  Congrats, fellas, you've earned it.

You know Coach Mac's legacy with Cuse.  On paper, his 66-46-4 record is nothing to erect Nike logo-laden statues over.  Yet, with all due respect to Ben Schwartzwalder, Mac remains the most important coach in Syracuse football history. Without the Coach Mac Era, there is no Coach P Era (the good part of it), there are no Big East titles, there is no Donovan McNabb and there is no Doug Marrone.

Bud Poliquin takes some time to remember Mac's legacy.  From 1981 to '86, MacPherson's Orangemen didn't seem like much.  But then things turned and they turned quickly.

Your Orange teams went 40-11-3 over the next 4½ seasons and knocked off Louisiana State and Georgia and Arizona in bowl games. One of those clubs, the 1987 edition, finished unbeaten and ranked fourth in the nation, and was tied by Auburn in the Sugar Bowl. Penn State was beaten not once, but twice. Heck, Syracuse even picked up a win in Japan, knocking off Louisville over there in 1989.

In other news, Pat Dye is still a p***y.