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Carter-Williams & Cooney: 2Getha 4Eva

carter cooney
carter cooney

Michael Carter-Williams and Trevor Cooney are going to be spending a lot of time together over the next five years.  They're both in Syracuse Basketball's Class of 2011 and, in theory, SU's backcourt of the future.  The duo got a chance to feel that partnership on for size at the King City Classic where they played on the same team.

"It was fun, I knew Mike as player, but I didn’t know him as a teammate," Cooney said of what it was like to play with Carter-Williams at camp.

Carter-Williams echoed that sentiment, saying, "Nice to see what we’ll do in the future and get to know him as a person." This was the duo’s first time running in the backcourt together.

The two are also doing a little bit of recruiting on behalf of the SU coaches in their spare time.  Cooney has been working Rakeem Christmas and they intend to put in a good word with highly-prized recruit Anthony "The Unibrow" Davis.

The duo already seem to have the camaraderie thing down, they've got a couple more years to work on their jumpers. After that, the Dome's the limit.  Get to work on your C-based nicknames now.