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Better Late Than Never, Jason Bromley Commits To Syracuse

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According to The Score's Danny Parkins, Flushing High School DE Jason Bromley will play for the Orange this season.  Bromley is coming off what might be described as "a pretty good day" at the Empire Challenge.

His spot on the all-city team beget his spot on the New York City roster for the Outback Steakhouse Empire Challenge, where Bromley won the MVP award with a magnificent performance Tuesday night in NYC’s 15-10 win against Long Island at Hofstra. Bromley had two sacks and seven tackles, including three for a loss, as well as two passes batted down. He was nary unstoppable.

Remember how incoming SU QB John Kinder was bummed out over his performance in the game?  Well that was all Bromley. 

Bromley had a huge sack of Syracuse-bound quarterback John Kinder to help stop Long Island’s final drive. His pressure of Kinder led to a first-half interception by Mario Tull. He lived in the offensive backfield all game.

"Bromley did an unbelievable job in there, man," NYC defensive coordinator and Tottenville head coach Jim Munson said. "He gave them hell. He knocked down two passes. They couldn’t block him when we had an inside rush."

So all of this begs the question...if this guy is so good, how come nobody wanted him until now?  A lot of it might have had to do with his football team, only in it's third season back after disappearing.  Other than that, you're guess is as good as mine.  He received interest from Stony Brook but felt "like they didn’t want me at the time."  Syracuse, Rutgers and UConn reportedly showed some interest but no offers were ever made. 

All's well that ends well and there's thoughts that Bromley could be good enough to compete for playing time soon.  Not too shabby for a guy who almost spent the year at prep school in New Hampsire.