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Dale Peterman Commits To Syracuse...Again

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Last year, Dale Peterman was a hot commodity.  Along with Syracuse, he received interest and offers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Cincinnati, Akron, Bowling Green, Ohio, Nebraska, South Carolina and N.C. State.  That he chose to come play for Syracuse was a minor miracle

"It's where I felt the most comfortable at," Peterman said of Syracuse. "With the new coaching staff coming in, I'm really excited about things. I've got a good feeling they're going to turn things around."

Unfortunately for Peterman, his grades couldn't keep up and he was an academic non-qualifier.  He went to Georgia Military College, which sounds lovely, to hone his skills while getting his grades up.    After a year there he moved on to City College of San Francisco.  Now, it's time for Peterman to return to the big leagues and he remains verbally-committed to Syracuse according to Scout.

It was said back when he originally committed that Peterman would be able to compete for playing time right away.  Hopefully he's still in the same shape when he finally dons the SU uniform.