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For The Love Of God, Please Get Jonny Flynn Out Of Minnesota STAT

The Timberwolves are a nightmare of a pro franchise and Dave Kahn is the lunatic driving the crazy bus.  I mean, just look at this timeline of his ridiculous decision-making prowess.  Kahn just unloaded his best player to one of Minnesota's rivals and is about to sign free-agent point guard Luke Ridnour.

Interesting because the team already has two very capable point guards, Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions.  Oh and they've also got some guy named Ricky Rubio under contract, though he will never, ever play for the team.  And if he does, he won't be nearly worth half of what they initially thought.

The rumor is that Kahn wants to unload Sessons but it's no secret that Flynn had been rumored tradebait for months now.  Jonny and the Triangle Offense go together about as well as UConn and laptops not bolted down to the table.  The fans don't seem to like Flynn, his name comes up in trade talks every couple weeks and his GM is making decisions based on how his D&D 20-sided dice roll.

While it seems like Jonny is now looking at backup-status, if not shared duties at the point.  And if I didn't know any better, the team seems to be built around Darko Milicic.  With the arrival of Wes Johnson, perhaps that gives Jonny a bit of incentive to make it work in Minny but that's not just up to him at this point.  Hopefully, Flynn will indeed get that trade one of these days and get the chance to play for a team that wants him, in an offense he fits, in front of fans who want to cheer for him.

Then again, you never know what Dave Kahn has up his sleeve next.  He might keep Jonny, he might trade him to Memphis or he might trade him to the Saskatchewan Roughriders for a kicker.  Everything's in play at this point.