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Kris Joseph Carries High The Maple-y Torch

The Canadian National Basketball program has been pretty good to Syracuse University. Andy Rautins honed his skills playing for the Canadians the past two summers.  Even the ACL injury he suffered playing for them was a blessing in disguise, giving Andrius time to bulk up and become a more-driven talent.  Andy will probably still play for Papa Leo's National team when the time comes, but in the meantime SU is handing over another piece of precious cargo to its northern neighborsKris Joseph.

The 6-foot-7 Syracuse University junior is in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre this week, working out with the Canadian Men’s Developmental team. Training camp ends Friday. Joseph and his developmental teammates then depart for Belgium, London, Amsterdam and the Canary Islands to test their skills against eight European senior national teams.

Leo Rautins, head coach of the Canadian national team, said the developmental team allows Canadian coaches to observe athletes they believe might "have senior team potential." Joseph, a Montreal native, will return to Canada from his three-week basketball immersion on Aug. 2.

Rautins goes out of his way to say that the chances of anyone being adding to Team Canada after the trip are unlikely, short of someone playing spectacular.  Easy there, slugger.  Your boys didn't exactly light the FIBA Championships on fire last year. Pretty sure a spark-plug like KJ couldn't hurt.