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Our Football Coach Can Run A 5K Faster Than Your Football Coach

I know that the record books will show that Tom Eickelberg won the Boilermaker 5-kilometer race on Sunday.  But you and I both know that's a courtesy ranking.  Doug Marrone allowed that victory to stand because he's a honorable, solid and decent man.  And did I mention he's tremendous?  No?  Pretty sure I'm contractually-obligated to do so.

Marrone did indeed finish the 5K and he did so in 32 minutes, 3 seconds.  The record books will say that put him in 1,416th out of 2,658 finishers, but, we'll just agree not to acknowledge the truth, cool?

"This is unbelievable," Marrone said backstage at the post-race party. "It's amazing."

Marrone's wife, Helen, ran the 15K race in 1:28.53. Helen Marrone, a Boston College graduate, has friends in the Utica area. Doug Marrone said he threw out the idea to the friends of running last year but was not able to stick to it.

"I was busy last year," he said.

I would say so. 

Check out Doug comparing the atmosphere at the race to the atmosphere in the Dome.  I'd be angry, but, after seeing the crowd for last year's Maine game...he's probably right.