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Mixing Metaphors With the Strasburger

Not sure how far Stephen Strasburg baseball mania has spread outside of Washington, DC, but it's pretty huge here in the nation's capital. Folks in Syracuse have also probably caught a touch of Strasburg Fever since he spent a few games in Triple-A with the Chiefs.

His Major League debut last night in Washington saw a bump in attendance by over 18,000 people, and those folks were not disappointed, watching Strasburg consistently pitch in the high 90 miles per hour (and possibly even break 100), striking out a gazillion batters, and (I think I read this somewhere) curing cancer in between innings.

So naturally, local DC businesses will try to make money off of this kid. I introduce to you The Strasburger.

By the sixth strikeout Tuesday night, I had already been alerted to at least three different Strasburgers for sale in greater Washington. There will be more, friends, there will be more.

Two of the burgers are interesting, but nothing we haven't seen before. And then there is The Burger Joints Strasburger, a creation that would be insulting to simply call "a burger." This beast starts with a hot dog, "symbolizing his professional debut on the Phoenix Desert Dogs in 2009," topped with Vermont cheddar cheese, it's "Syracuse Orange" color symbolizing his time in the minors there, and all that is put on top of a tasty BGR burger. And before handing it all over to you they will throw on 14 pickles representing the number of strike outs achieved in his debut. I assume a bun is also somehow balanced around this pile of meat.

Bun or not, I'm not even sure how to go about eating this thing. But for you, fellow Syracuse fans, I will try! $10.99 of my hard-earned wage ($1 of which goes to the Children's National Medical Center), along with probably a year of my life due to health concerns, will be spent on finding out just how Syracuse Orange this Vermont cheddar is. And there will be photos.

If you live in the Washington area, The Strasburger can be yours too until the end of June.

Update: DCist has already tasted The Strasburger, and boy is it beautiful.