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Syracuse Football Trains You for Reality...TV

I used to watch a lot of crappy cable TV. I am not embarrassed to admit (though I should be) that many a Saturday have been spent watching marathons of cable reality TV shows like Real Housewives of Orange County or Hogan Knows Best (but never The Hills, I swear!)

Those days have come and gone, mostly because I don't have cable any more, so you'll excuse me if I am not familiar with celebrity chef, actress and reality TV star, Bethenny Frankel. And I'll forgive you as well. But only this once because Ms. Frankel owes all her success to Syracuse football. Or at least some of her success to a Syracuse football player. That man is 5'4" former Cuse WR Max Meisel.

Let's read the PR talk:

This sports junkie came on board as Bethenny’s intern to help manage the crazy workload. Often the butt of Bethenny’s jokes, Max’s thick skin and ability to roll with the punches has enabled him to transition from football jock to "Skinnygirl" connoisseur without breaking a sweat. When he’s not dropping off Bethenny’s dresses at the tailors or diving into lengthy conversations about his passion for "cougars," he spends his time playing sports and writing screenplays.

Says Meisel, "It's definitely a different world for me, but something I was willing to take a crack at." I find it hard to believe Greg Robinson is all that different from Mrs. Frankel, but I guess Max would know better than me.

So why is this news? Well, it's not, but what else is going on? Oh, and because we should have seen big things coming from Max way back in 2004! That was the year, through The Howard Stern Show, that Max won a date to his prom with a porn star. Unfortunately, the date never occurred due to some made-up prom guidelines by the school's principal. But still, that moment a reality TV star was born. Or rather, a reality TV star's assistant.

(H/T: shandeezy7)