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Greg, the Saints Are Just Not That Into You

Someone had to say it. Because it's starting to get a little embarrassing watching Greg being dragged along by the Saints. When the Saints invited him to their rookie minicamp, we all knew they were just doing it as a friend, but I'm worried Greg thought it might have meant something more. And for a short period of time, we thought it was!

Greg said all the right things, but, even as we continued to tell him the Saints were out of his league, you just knew he wasn't listening. And then, suddenly, he'd moved on! Accepted that he and the Saints were not meant to be together. We were happy to see him happy!

And then the Saints decided to call and say hi again.

Although Paulus was not drafted, he received a tryout at Saints rookie camp in May. He left without a contract, but got an invitation for a second tryout at Saints minicamp this weekend and has been working behind Drew Brees, Chase Daniel and seventh-round draft choice Sean Canfield.

"We wanted to look at him," Payton said. "He was here for the rookie camp and did a good job. He’s a pretty good decision maker."

Paulus stopped short of saying he expects to return for training camp.

Why, Saints!? Why do you have to say these things? You know how Greg feels about you! Stop toying with his fragile emotions and let him move on with his life. We all know you're going to stick with your Pro Bowl QB, your 2nd year pro, and anyone else you can sign who's actually thrown an NFL pass before in their life. So just tell Greg you're not that into him and say goodbye!

Drew Brees, do the dirty work. Let him down easy:

"Unfortunately in this league, coming in like he has, with the nature of the position, you get so few opportunities, so you hope that somebody can stick with you."

I'd like a little more bluntness at this point, but good, that's an excellent start. Now go in for the kill!

It might be here. It might not be here. But I think if he can get a chance ... who knows?

Ugh! You tease!!