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When Next We Speak, I Shall Be Drinking Coffee While Doing It

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Please excuse things around here for the next week.  It's moving time and I'll be on the road.  You might be wondering why it's going to take a week for someone to go from Los Angeles to Seattle.  The truth is...I'm walking.

No, that's not true at all.  We're just stopping along the way to take in the sites and sounds of the Pacific Northwest along the way.  The grandeur.  The gaiety.  The glory. 

I'll check in when I can but Sir Voteprime of Saxony (full name) is your steward in the meantime.  Treat him well.  Or don't.  But you probably should.  Cause he's in charge of all the stuffs.

I don't want to hear about any insubordination.  And I certainly don't want to hear about any quitting.  Then again, I know that no one here is a quitter.  If anything, you might have a "series of misunderstandings" or "in-school issues" like Mike Williams had, but you're certainly not going to quit. 

(By the way, that's a fantastic article.  Watching Williams and the Bucs staff dance the dance of revisionist history is a delight.  He "missed a year because of academics."  That's awesome.)

I've already heard from a bunch of Seattle-based Cuse fans and can't wait to turn Seattle into the new Syracuse West.  Sorry, had your chance.