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Delone Carter Rushes For No Gain, Legally-Speaking

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Remember Delone Carter?  He was going to be our best running back and arguably best offensive player this season until he went all "that's one shot, son!"  He was suspended from school, dropped from the football depth chart, placed in "we don't talk about players who aren't on the team" status and left in limbo.  The word was that Carter had worked out some kind of deal that would allow him to re-enroll at SU in the Fall, and therefore, re-join the team in time for the season to start.  It wasn't ideal, but it was good enough.

The latest news, however, is less than promising.  Carter was supposed to appear in court Wednesday to hear a resolution to his case but since that resolution was not to be, he didn't show.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Joseph Coolican responded that the prosecution’s position is that Carter can plead guilty as charged or stand trial.

Raus said no to a guilty plea and Judge Langston McKinney then agreed to give the lawyers some more time to try and reach a resolution.

Oh dear.  That doesn't sound like the cut-and-dry handshake deal we heard a few months ago.

Carter's lawyer George Raus said that Delone is working out in "Parts Unknown" to prepare for football and still hopes to play for the Orange come September.  We shall see.

Delone Carter's Lawyer