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The Eric Devendorf Movie Is About To Reach It's Fitting Conclusion

Via <a href="" target="new">Exodus Saints </a>
Via Exodus Saints

The hard-scrabbled kid from the wrong side of the tracks.  Against the odds, he makes it to the big time but when he gets there he finds out it's not all it's cracked up to be.  He's misunderstood.  They call him cocky.  They call him a punk.  A dirtbag.  He gets in trouble.  Again.  And again.  The best course of action seems to be moving on.  But it's not the right time and the dream he's been waiting for since he was a little kid never materializes.  His reputation precedes him.

So he does the only thing he can do.  He leaves.  Finds a place where they don't know about him.  Or at least they keep it to themselves.  Wouldn't you know it, he's a hit.  He's playing the best ball of his life.  His team is on top of the world.  Everything's perfect...until his reputation finds him and it all comes crashing down. 

He has to start all over again.  But this time he's determined to do it right.  And day by day he works at it.  Ever-improving.  Staying the course.  Keeping a list of those who lost faith but never giving them the satisfaction. Now that goal is back within sight.  And then his body give out on him at the worst possible time.  He misses his chance to prove it to them. 

Now, he's backThey're waiting for him. The defending champs.  The evil empire. Me vs. Them.  But he knows it's really Me vs. Me.  At stake are superficial things like championships and glory.  But so is redemption.  Absolute redemption. That's what he wants. It's finally time.