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Kevin Durant's Academy To Be Renamed Kris Joseph Academy Shortly

When is a camp not a camp?  When it's an academy.  Leave it to Nike to take a two-day shootaround and all-star practice and turn it into something...more?  Well, maybe not, but at least they make it sound classier.

The Kevin Durant Skills Academy (la di da...) is going on right now and among the many bright stars shining on the court is Syracuse's Kris Joseph.  As the heir apparent for the Orange, KJ's name has come up a few times in next-big-thing talks this week now that he's officially the BMOC. 

How do I know KrisJo is representing well at the "Academy?"  Cause the guy with name on it says so.


Praise for Joseph is coming from elsewhere as well.

The "Academy" is also hosting a bevy of high school all-stars, including LaQuinton Ross, whom SU has a very strong interest in.  Fellas, go grab a Gatorade and chit-chat, will ya? (Legally and within NCAA regulations, of course).

H/T: pegs