SU Memorabilia Entry

Everyone's entries are really cool. I thought I'd throw mine up here and see what you guys think. It's not everything but just the really cool stuff.

This first photo has the pictures and programs with autographs from Pearl Washington, Joe Morris, Craig Forth, and Gerry. Then there is the holographic poster with all of the legendary SU football players and coaches. Finally an autographed (silver sharpie) Hakim Warrick jersey.


A better look at that poster. Unfortunately the camera can't capture the 3D holographic effect.


The next picture has the "OVERRATED?!!" autographed t-shirt, a Dome to Denver 1989-90 handkerchief, Break the Record Night handkerchief I got at that game in '05, and a '97 Fiesta Bowl t-shirt someone bought me at the game.


I worked at the SU bookstore during my 4 years at SU and when I was a freshmen Hakim Warrick did an internship in the clothing part of the store in the spring semester. After the season ended the way we all didn't want it to, his internship ended not too long after and I noticed a few weeks after that his time card was still in the slots above the clock, I didn't think I'd be a very good SU fan if I didn't take it. He's not gonna need to use one of these ever again anyway.


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