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Wes Johnson's Suit: A Cusetrospective

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So...Wes Johnson's NBA Draft suit.  You either loved it or you hated it. 

If you hated it, you probably hate kittens, malt balls, the word "equestrian" and freedom.

If you loved it, like me, you have even more respect for Wes...if that's possible. And you love kittens (Bill Simmons: pro-kitten).

First of all, it was not the "worst suit in NBA draft history."  I mean, have you SEEN some of the suits people have worn over the years?  There's no way Wes' pants rival this nonsense. 

Second of all, if Wes was trying to kick-start a sponsorship deal with Old Spice, well he's done it.  Expect to see Wes on a horse in a commercial very soon.

The suit did get me thinking though...where does it rank in the history of Syracuse draft picks?  Let's take a look, shall we?

Jonny Flynn - Solid gray with pink tie and striped salmon shirt.  Nice.  Slightly flashy. But safe.  Like Jonny.

Hakim Warrick - Dark gray with pink pinstripes, pink shirt and gray/pink tie.  Coordinated and technically efficient.  Slightly flashy but also workmanlike.  Just doesn't work with Memphis colors. Like Hak.

Carmelo Anthony - Gray suit with Matrix-style buttons.  Sloppy.  Loud.  Looks silky.  Like Carmelo.

Derrick Coleman - Pukey green/brown. Shiny tie that doesn't seem to match.  A harbinger of things to come.

Wasn't able to find Etan Thomas, Billy Owens or Rony Seikeley, so if you come across them, send on over.  In the meantime, it's obvious Wes wins this one hands-down.

Your move, Kris Joseph.