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May Wes Johnson's Time In Minnesota Be Prosperous & Brief

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Minnesota Timberwolves fans will boo Wesley Johnson this season. 

I have no doubt of this.  I mean, just look at their immediate reaction to Minnesota using the 4th pick in the draft on him (one Minnesota blogger declared the T'Wolves draft to be akin to a nuclear destruction).  They started to calm down later and start talking themselves into Wes but the truth was laid bare with that initial reaction.

They don't dislike Wes, they just think they could have done better.

And so, Wes now has expectations lofted onto him.  Lofty expectations.  Of course such things come with being the 4th pick in the draft but this is different.  These are the expectations of a guy that Minnesota really didn't want.  And he'll be compared directly to the guy they really wanted, DeMarcus Cousins.  That's very sweet of Dick Vitale to say that Wes might just win the Rookie of the Year award but in reality, that's the only thing Wes can do to appease T'Wolves fans this season. 

And it's not just Minnesota fans who feel this way.  SBN's Matt O'Brien thinks the Wolves were insane for picking Wes over Cousins.

As Matt Damon explains in Rounders, if you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker. And you, David Kahn, are the sucker when it comes to GMs. Selecting Wesley Johnson fourth overall -- ahead of Cousins, Monroe and Aminu -- is simply farcical. Indeed, Johnson should be a solid pro, but at 23 years old, there's very little upside. You can't pass on guys who can be legit stars in this league for someone who figures to be more of a third-scorer type. Just can't do it.

All I can say is, I hope Wes' time is Minnesota is prosperous but I also hope it is short.  I hope he parlays his success into a fat contract with someone else, a fanbase that will be behind him from the start, and I hope he torments the Timberwolves for the rest of his career.  That miserable franchise deserve nothing less.  Donovan McNabb knows what I mean.

There was at least one person happy for Wes.  That's his new and former teammate Jonny Flynn.


Wes is equally as excited to be reunited with Jonny, however brief that might end up being.

"Definitely looking forward to playing with him again," Johnson said referring to Flynn. "With the chemistry we'll have starting out playing with each other, he's eager. I'm fortunate enough to get drafted and play with him, so I'm excited."

His own new fans might want to, but Syracuse fans wish Wes the best in Minnesota.