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Madison Square Rautins

Nice work <a href="">Menotti</a>
Nice work Menotti

Well that was a nice surprise.  Andy Rautins was drafted by the New York Knickebockers with the 38th pick in the NBA Draft on Thursday.  For a guy who didn't even show up in most mock drafts, proving their meaninglessness, that's a helluva spot.  Andy must have been thrilled when he got the phone call.  That is, if he had been around to get it.

A New York Knicks official had called [Leo] Rautins to tell him that the Knicks were about to select Andy Rautins with the No. 38 pick in the draft.

However, Andy Rautins was not in the room. He was outside on a deck, sitting around a fire with a bunch of friends, trying to pass the time as the draft took place.

A few minutes later, Adam Silver, the NBA’s deputy commissioner, made the pick official. As Silver read Rautins’ name, the room erupted in cheers.

ESPN's Chris Sheridan proves that he's doesn't have any idea what he's talking about in his analysis of the pick.

The 6-foot-4 guard did almost nothing but shoot 3s at Syracuse, taking 282 of his 360 career attempts from beyond the arc. In the 2010 NCAA tournament, he went 12-for-24 in Syracuse's three games and scored 24 points against Gonzaga in the second round.

Anyone who watched five minutes of SU basketball this season could tell you how wrong that is.

Some say Rautins is a perfect fit for the Knicks while others wonder if New York is just biding time and stocking up before they find out if a certain Mr. James decides to join Andy & Co. or not.

In the meantime, SU fans rejoice, the Rautins rejoice, Knicks fans should rejoice...there's a lot of rejoicing to be done is what I'm saying.