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The Wes Johnson NBA Draft Pancake Challenge

Wes Johnson loves pancakes.  No, seriously, he really loves pancakes.

I love pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes. No syrup, none of that crazy butter, blueberries, none of that. Just regular pancakes. That’s me, all day.

See?  When Wes Johnson sees a plate of piping hot pancakes, this is his reaction.

So now we know.  It's about winning championships and eating flapjacks.  So with the NBA Draft upon up, the biggest question of the evening isn't "Where will Wes end up?", it's "Where will Wes eat pancakes wherever he ends up?"  Let's inquire.

Let's say Wes goes with the third pick to the Nets, which went from trendy rumor du jour to over-hyped rumor du jour quicker than anything.  But if We does find his way to Jersey, he's going to need some serious pancake stackage.  Might I suggest PJ's Pancake House in Princeton?  It's a bit of a hike from Newark but it's oh so worth it my friend.  It's right there in the name.  An entire house MADE OF PANCAKES!*  Plus they were the restaurant smart enough to buy, clearly they've got this thing covered.

*Possibly just a name

The safe bet seems to be the Wes is going north to Minnesota.  That's some serious hot breakfast country.  A man needs some major pancakage just to get through the day and if that's the case, Wes is going to be spending a lot of time at Al's Breakfast.  The narrowest restaurant in the town needs to stack'm high to make everything fit and their buttermilk pancakes are the stuff of legend.

Now we get into wild card territory.  The NBA Draft is a cruel mistress and there's really no telling where Wes could land.  Perhaps in the Bay Area with the Warriors?  Well if that's the case, he better make a quick trip to Ella's in San Fran.  The café in Presidio Heights is known for it's good cheer as we as its good pancakes.  And who doesn't like good cheer?  Wes Johnson is 47% good cheer, 35% water and 18% ice-cold blood.

There's also DDottie's True Blue Cafe but they're known for their bluberry-soaked pancakes.  Wes was very adamant, he doesn't like "none of that."  He just want pancakes.  Save your liberal usage of berries for someone else.

Maybe Wes will end up in Cali but not in the Bay Area.  There's a chance the Kings could draft him and if so, Sacramento's finest pancake establishments will step up to appease his mighty appetite.  Namely, Pancake Circus.  IT'S A CIRCUS MADE UP OF PANCAKES*.  Are you kidding me???

*Again, possibly just a name.

Of course, Wes could also go elsewhere.  Wherever he ends up, you can bet there will be a pancakes establishment waiting for him.  And it will go out of business withing three months of Wes' arrival.  Because he loves pancakes.  I mean he REALLY loves pancakes.