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Syracuse Slowly But Surely Climbing Director's Cup Rankings

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On Wednesday in Syracuse, the ground shook and buildings swayed all over town.  A lot of people are pointing to the Earthquake that struck near Ottawa.  That would be the obvious assumption. 

TNIAAM has learned that this is actually incorrect.  The event that caused the entire city to tremble was actually DOCTOR Daryl Gross doing a series of somersaults across the University Quad upon hearing the news that SU has scored 368.5 points in the Director’s Cup standings.

The Syracuse athletics program set a school record by scoring 368.5 points in the National Association of Collegiate Director’s of Athletics (NACDA) Learfield Sports Director’s Cup standings. The total shatters the previous high of 330 points set in 2008-09. Syracuse is ranked 56th in the national standings.

The programs that helped the Orange reach this high-mark?  SU’s men’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, field hockey, women’s indoor track and field, men’s and women’s lacrosse and the softball team, all of whom advanced to the playoffs.

Finishing higher and higher in the Director's Cup Standings has been one of Gross' major goals since taking over as AD and, to be fair, that mission is being accomplished.  SU finished 63rd last season.  The year before Gross took over, Syracuse wasn't even in the Top 100.

West Virginia led Big East schools with a 36th ranking, Louisville was 42nd, Villanova was 50th, UConn was 64th, Georgetown 68th, St. John's was 71st, Rutgers 93rd and USF 102nd.  Full results here.

The most shocking part of all this? DOC Gross was not quoted at all in the official release.  Wonders...never do they cease.