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Jim Boeheim. Quentin Hillsman. You.

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Always wanted to coach Syracuse basketball?  Well your opportunity has finally arrived. 

Remember the Syracuse ShockWave (don't you dare lowercase that W)?  The town's latest attempt at pro (or semi-pro) basketball? Owner Charles Iavarone is finally ready to field a squad for the upcoming ABA season but he needs something first.  Well, someone actually.

YOU!  Assuming you know how to coach a basketball team, that is.

"We have a few candidates that have submitted resumes," stated team owner Charles Iavarone. "However, we want to be sure that we are choosing the right person for the job. Applicants should be highly motivated, good teachers and looking to bring an exciting product to Syracuse. We want someone who loves the community as much as basketball, someone who will be a good ambassador for the Syracuse area - and someone who can put together a competitive championship caliber team; we certainly have the talent in the area."

Interested, qualified and able to use the Internet?  Then email your resume to syracuseshockwave at gmail dot com asap.

It's at this point I make my customary "if you want this team to survive, stock it with as many former Orange players as you humanly can" plea.  Like I said a while back, if I told you there was a local team featuring Kueth Duany, Josh Wright, Craig Forth, Billy Edelin and DaShawn Wright, you're telling me that wouldn't pique your interest just a tad?  You might not buy season tickets but you sure as hell might go watch that for $10 on a Tuesday night.

In the meantime, the team has a Facebook page and that's the team's logo up there.  So things are moving along.  Let's see where they go from here...