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Daily Links - Art Jones Inks A Deal

Ravens Insider: Ravens reach agreement with DT Arthur Jones -
"Right now, I’m just trying to learn. It’s not about finding a roster spot," Jones said during a recent offseason camp. "I’m pretty sure things are coming along well. Hopefully, this year will be a great year for me."

Things we won't know until Carolina Panthers kickoff -
The unknown is how fullback Tony Fiammetta responds to the challenge of replacing trustworthy Brad Hoover as the lead blocker, but for a team that underwent as much of a makeover as the Panthers did, that's a very small point.

Confident NYC receivers look to catch on at Empire Challenge -
Kobena, who is headed to Syracuse, has found space over the middle that he’s turned into big gains...

Eye and Eer | Decade of Dominance - Which College Football Programs Win Most Conference Titles in 2010s?
Runner-up: Syracuse. Laugh if you want, but second-year coach Doug Marrone is not that far from returning the Orange to their glory days.

Onuaku says Orange will be good next season : Sports : WSTM NBC3
Arinze Onuaku offered his take on next years squad at a recent charity wheelchair basketball game.

It's Father's Day, so let's listen in as three dads (Schayes, Rautins and Grilli) talk about their sons |
Take this past season with the Syracuse team. It was a special year. Andy’s not the greatest player who ever played here, but that was his team and it captivated this city. And so many people talked about the positive effect Andy had on that team. That, to me, is special. I don’t care about, ‘Your kid had a great game.’ But when they say, ‘Your kid is a great kid,’ that’s what you want to hear.

Doug Collins praises Syracuse's Wesley Johnson | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/20/2010
"Watching Wesley work out was like, 'Wow, that was impressive,' " Collins added. "This young kid, he's got it: Charismatic, he can play, respectful, he's older. I mean, impressive."

Tyson Gulley's 53-yard reception sets up winning TD | SportsInk
Ohio won the Big 33 senior all-star football game over Pennsylvania 18-15 on Saturday night with a big assist from Akron Garfield graduate and Syracuse recruit Tyson Gulley.

What the English Premier League Can Teach College Football -
There's no governing authority that can make unilateral decisions for all of college football—in fact, that's another part of the problem. But what if there were? Is there a model anywhere in the sports world for a system that could erase some of the chronic problems with college football without killing the golden goose? In a word, yes. It's the English Premier League.

I was all for this SU Women's Ice Hockey version of those NHL commercials and then the tagline threw me for a loop.  We haven't even existed long enough for that, have we?  Usually takes Syracuse programs at least a decade to develop that reputation.