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Bits, Bobs & Odd Jobs

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As you might have noticed, things have slowed down a bit over the last week.  Do not fret.  Just a lot of traveling, moving, shaking, whatnot, hazarai, business, hijinks and tomfoolery.  The Seattle move is coming up this weekend so expect to see some more slowness this and next week but I'll do my best to keep things moving.  And of course, big tip of the cap to Monsieur voteprime for stepping in and making sure we're all up to speed on Canadian basketball.

Let's get back up to speed on everything else...

The book is doing well.  A huge thank you to everyone who has purchased and checked it out.  For those waiting to see if pop up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes, you'll get your wish shortly.

For those who have been asking for the print version, your queries have not gone unheard.  I'm working on a print version right now and hope to have it available very soon.  For those who already bought the e-book and want to buy a print copy, I'll set up some kind of coupon so you don't pay more than you should.  Yay capitalism!

Speaking of books, have you read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yet?  If not, do so with haste.  Practically read the entire thing within two cross-country flights.  Consider it TNIAAM-approved.  Reading the 2nd book in the trilogy now...have a feeling it will come just as highly-recommended.

Heard from a lot of folks either already in Seattle or who will be coming to Seattle for the Washington game.  If you want in, get in.  Gonna be a good time.

Little piece of advice for any American reading this.  Never start speaking in any kind of English accent when in the presence of an actual English person.  No matter how good you think you sound, you are not doing it correctly, I promise you.  And for the love of God, please don't use the words "pip pip" or "cheerio" or "spot of tea" or "guv'ner."  Just an FYI.

Realized this weekend that one of my young nephews is a Rutgers fan and assumes that Syracuse football has always been terrible.  Our work is not done, people.

That's it, you're officially up to speed.  Let's do things...whatever that means.