Memorabilia Entry


Hey there! Here's the highlights from my Syracuse memorabilia collection. The lead shot includes the limited edition Nike Dunks that were given out to outstanding fans during the 2008 basketball season. Let's take a closer look at what else is there:


First up is a Syracuse trombone slide cover, as featured on the newly designed MySlice website. This style was discontinued my senior year, so I borrowed one to decorate my closet door with.


A 1991 London Monarchs trading card featuring our infallible leader, Doug Marrone. Look at those thighs at work in their prime! I bid on this in an eBay auction I found via the Three Idiots' site. Things get even better on the back...


C'mon guys. Is that really the best picture you could find to put on there? Some interesting nuggets: Marrone made the first-team All-World League in '91. He was also co-player of the game in a losing effort for the Orangemen at the 1985 Cherry Bowl.


And finally, my personal pièce de résistance, a piece of the backboard that Arinze Onuaku shattered at the 2007 Midnight Madness. I was lucky enough to be mere feet away from AO when he did it. If you watch this video and look for the band director sitting on the endline, you can see my reactions go from "Woo!" to "OH MY GOD DON'T HURT ME!" to "That was amazing!!!!" Then before it could all be swept up, I grabbed the biggest piece I could find, which was only about an inch long. My housemates and I also claimed the net from that rim, but I'm not sure what became of it.

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