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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off

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Creidt to Gregg and Brian who emailed me with the idea for a little contest to help get us through the summer doldrums. 

It's something I've always pondered, as a Syracuse fan and as someone who has come across many folks that have weird, obscure and random SU swag.  I don't really have too much...just the SI commemorative and a newspaper from the day Syracuse won the 2003 title.  I'm sure many of you have much better stuff than that.  So let's find out who's got the best stuff taking up space in their basement with the...


Here's how we do.

1. You post photos of your most random, most rare, most funny and most creepy Syracuse memorabilia.  It could be anything tangentially-related to SU, sports or otherwise.  For example, these SU mytroyshka dolls (R.I.P.).

2. Make sure it's actually noteworthy.  To paraphrase Gregg, "I am not talking about the #44 jersey folks bought at Manny’s or the Otto they bought in the Bookstore, I am talking about the Jim Brown #44 Jersey they stole from his house or the Otto their grandmother knitted while in an insane asylum."

3. At the determined time (by me), we'll cull all the entries together and we'll break them up in to categories.  Oldest.  Rarest.  Creepiest.  Funniest.  And then we'll put them to a vote.

4. Once that's determined, we'll take each category winner and find out who has the Best In Show piece of memorabilia.

5. Prizes will be awards for all category and B.O.S. winners.  We'll figure that out.

Any questions, let me know.  Otherwise, leave your photos and stories that accompany them in the comments below or in the FanShots.  Let's say you've got a week to get these in (June 24th 11:59PM).

Good luck rummaging through your attic tonight for that Coach Schwartzwalder bottle opener your Dad left you.  It's finally going to pay dividends.  Along with helping you drink beer.  Either way, a long overdue win.