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Ooo Yea That's 100% Cotton (And Hot)

SBNation went and got itself a little storefront now for all of the blogs and I've upgraded the digs.  There's only a couple shirts available but I think you'll like what's there.  Check it out.


Brand new to the TNIAAM collection is the above Ooo Yeah That's Hot shirt for all you Scoop Jardine completists out there.  There's also the classic I Survived The Greg Robinson Era and In Doug We Trust for your before and after moods on Syracuse football.

From here, I'm looking to you guys.  What other kind of t-shirt designs might sound somewhat appealing or interesting enough to plunk down some hard-earned cash on?  Obviously I can't do anything too copyright-y and we have to tread lightly on using the names of players so better to lean towards your favorite obscure quotation or random reference (trying to think of a good Chipotle-themed shirt that doesn't actually mention Chipotle).