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SBN Is In Your Region...Or At Least Within 300 Miles Of It

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So the bulk of this went down while I was MIA but if you don't already know, SBNation now has regional sites.  Some have already cropped up, like SBN New York, SBN Chicago, SBN Philly DC and SBN Boston.  And there's still a lot more to come (you can see the full list if you scroll down on the right side).

Of the ones still to come, each site is also hosting its own launch party in the city it covers.  If you live in any of these towns, there's a party a-comin' and you can attend. 

6/16 Minnesota @ Hubert’s

6/17 Cleveland @ Fat Heads

6/21 Pittsburgh @ Carson City Saloon

6/22 Philly @ The Field House

6/23 Tampa @ Tampa Bay Brewing Co

6/24 Atlanta –TacoMac

6/28 Denver – Blake Street Tavern

6/29 LA – Capitol City Grille

6/30 Seattle @ Rock Bottom

And of course, I'll be at that Seattle one so if you're in the area, I guess we can consider that the first official TNIAAM meet-up.  You have to RSVP to attend any of the events so let me know if you need info (you've probably seen the ads for these events in your area as well).  Granted, there's sure to be some UW folks there as well so there's a chance it will devolve into a West Side Story-type brawl & dance number.  So bring your switchblades and toe shoes.

For Syracuse fans, this really doesn't do too much for us.  As you might have gathered, the SBN New York site doesn't focus on SU.  We can go back and forth on whether or not they should but I can see why.  I don't think they really focus on any college stuff, but I'm sure SU will get notice come basketball time. 

Hope to see you at the Seattle event or if you attend one of the other ones let us know how it goes. Apparently everyone gets free swag. And who doesn't like free swag?