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NCAA '11 Rosters Are Out & Syracuse Is Who You Thought They Were

Thanks to Jon at On The Banks for the tip that you can see how the Syracuse players are rated in EA 2011 now.  All you have to do is use the team builder tool and when it comes time to build your roster, just pull up the Syracuse roster as your template.  And then BOOM, you've done it.  Also, you get to see how ridiculous their animated versions of SU players look.  Like Ryan Nassib:


Absolutely.  Spitting image.  And also, Nassib and Charley Loeb look exactly alike the game.  AS IF RGLCL should suffer such a fate.

I don't know what the NCAA Football Odds are for Syracuse to win the National Title but something tells me they're not going to be doing it in the game either.  At first glance, the ratings aren't too kind, mostly in the 70's.  Not a great sign.  Then again, there's quite a few 80's in there...progress, people.

As for the ratings themselves, here's some of the notables...

Ryan Nassib - 82

Charley Loeb - 73

Delone Carter - 86 (here's a shot of digital Delone in action...which might be the only way to see him in action anytime soon).

Antwon Bailey - 80

Averin Collier - 74

Marcus Sales - 81

Van Chew -80

Alec Lemon - 78

Chandler Jones - 75

Bud Tribbey - 74

Doug Hogue - 85

Derrell Smith - 86

Ryan Gillum - 77

Mike Holmes - 83


Rob Long - 87

Couple issues with numbers not lining up.  Didn't see #SHAMARKO on there by number but there's a sophomore SS rated as 77 so that might be him.  Obviously, he's actually a 99, but they have to keep things fair.

Lowest rated player on the team?  Linebacker Adam Harris with a 52.  Oof.  Not that far behind is Carl Cutler with a 53.

Highest rated player?  Our punter, Rob Long.

Based on the rankings, Syracuse is looking at strong RB and WR cores, a strong LB set and a solid defensive backfield.  Pretty much how you expected.