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Well, At Least He's Not Bitter

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Saw this post yesterday over at Deadspin.  It's an Intern Horror Story courtesy of an anonymous reader who interned for a TV network some time back. He found himself in the booth working for Joe Buck, where things took a soiled napkin-y turn for the worse.

But the real pleasure of reading the article is the self-hatred the writer has for his time at Syracuse.  Behold.

Back in 1997 I was an upper classmen at Syracuse, the self-absorbed, self-titled "Mecca of Broadcasting Schools". As anyone in the business NOT sucking up to his alma mater knows, it doesn't matter one iota where you went to school to make it as a broadcaster of any kind.

See now I'm not a Newhouse guy so I don't get indignant over something like that.  But I'm pretty sure that's wrong.  Least, it seems to be every time I see another Syracuse guy working on TV.  Double irony when the writer mentions in the very next sentence that he got an internship at a major network.  Pretty sure they're not handing those out at Case Western.

I do like the idea of Joe Buck calling someone "Captain Syracuse," though.  I wish Joe Buck would call me Captain Syracuse.  Speaking of Buck, he wrote in to Deadspin to refute the story.  And try and crack some jokes. As he is wont to do.

Oh, just a couple of things for the record - college dropouts like myself never roll their eyes at a place like Syracuse or any other school for that matter. I am sure I couldn't even get in Syracuse.

The last thing I want to do is ever come out on the same side of the argument as Joe Buck, but I think he kinda wins this one.