I think it's time fans of the Big East start publicly pushing for the United States Military Academy at West Point to be the Big Ten school from the East that secures that NYC media market. (Though they could also have Rutgers if they pay Memphis' exit fee from CUSA to join the Big East in place of Rutgers)

Army should appeal to the Big Ten. Army has oodles of tradition. It's a public school. It's got a rabid national/global alumni network. It's got the ability to draw fans from among people who didn't go to school there. They can always play the sentimentality card during games about all their brave sacrifices... the game pales in comparison to their duties... rally around the flag boys... yadda yadda yadda. Midwestern audiences should eat that up. (Don't go calling me a military basher, I was in the Navy)

So what does Army bring to the Big Ten (other than a guaranteed win for almost every school)? National, if not global, media exposure and following. Access to the NYC media market. A possible contract with the Department of Defense to carry the Big Ten Network on the Armed Forces Network - access to millions of US troops around the world. A public school with good academics, good national cache (everyone knows Army), more good football tradition than Rutgers could ever hope to have, and Big Ten advertising during the Army-Navy game - more Big Ten exposure in December! - and on CBS! (take THAT Mr. Slive!!!)

The Army will save us all (in the Big East)...

The Big East could also pick up Army & Navy... it's a thought.