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Daily Links - Dropping The Cuse-Bomb

Hey Homewood Field, you just got Cuse-bombed!
Exactly what the title of the post says...

Big East Battle for Vance : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
SU’s class of 2011 is nowhere near finished yet. However, the battleground is set for cornerback Vance Roberts out of Washington, DC.

Syracuse vs. Minnesota | 10 Potential Trophy Games in an Expanded Big Ten | Bleacher Report
Syracuse vs. Minnesota a.k.a. We Both Were Great Programs Once...Honestly

Big East Expansion: It Is Time for the Football Side To Break Away | Bleacher Report
Then you are still looking at a likely raid of Rutgers (and maybe Pitt) by the Big Ten followed by a raid of UCONN and Syracuse (and maybe USF) by the ACC, leaving you, Cincinnati, and Louisville with no conference and no prospects.

Jonny Flynn excited about return to Carrier Dome for NBA preseason game |
"I would be beyond happy if we picked Wes,’’ Flynn said. "We didn’t play together, but we developed a great relationship.’’

Scout says Syracuse's Andy Rautins could be 'a really good role player' in the NBA |
Syracuse's Andy Rautins added the New York Knicks this week to the growing list of teams he has worked out for in advance of the NBA draft, which is coming up on June 24.

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™: The Case for the Big East - Rock M Nation
You wonder, when you add in the Big East’s non-football schools, wouldn’t a 20 or 21-team basketball conference be unruly? Perhaps, but in the best possible way. The Big East is already a spectacular hoops league. The five proposed new members include both teams that played for the 2008 national title, plus two schools that have been to the Elite Eight since then. It becomes a mind-blowing assemblage of basketball power. And the scheduling is far tidier than you might expect.

This is S.U.'s Longboarding Crew.  So there's that.